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KajaKamil Karol
For over a 100 years later, Sanita still handcrafts every single clog with the same tradition, craftsmanship, and passion in their own factories in Europe. Sainta continues to maintain their position as a leader in comfort footwear with the addition of their fashionable comfort collections.

Kid's Wood Brit Open Back Clog in Rose Soft Leather Wood Ruth Open Back Clog in Soft Green PU Leather Sanita PU Kamil Open Clog in Multiflower PU Leather Wood Theresa Merge Open Back in Olive Soft Leather
Wood Sandal Yacca Plateau in Electric Blue Wood Ruth Open Back Clog in Bronze PU Leather Sanita PU Kaja Open Clog in White PU Leather Sanita Wood Nitta Open Clog in Army Printed PU Leather